UFC Announces Bitcoin Bonus for Athletes

For the first time in history, anyone could send or receive money with anyone else. The only requirement you need is a Bitcoin wallet and an internet connection. This brings us to a turn where it has now been announced that UFC athletes will be rewarded with cryptocurrency for UFC. The bonus is part of the UFC’s initiative to embrace emerging technologies, connect with millennial audiences and take advantage of innovations in payments.

UFC’s Bitcoin Bonus for Athletes: The Motive

The organization cited its ability to transfer money quickly and securely as a reason for adopting the cryptocurrency for UFC. The organization expects this new incentive to improve fan engagement and help MMA fighters continue to be compensated fairly and competitively. For each UFC pay-per-view, a global vote will be held on Crypto.com or FanBonus for the night’s most deserving fan. A year into their partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, “Crypto.com is one of the best partners we have ever had,” UFC President Dana White said. According to the US dollar exchange rate, the bonuses will be reimbursed in bitcoin (BTC). The casting ballots period will be closed one hour after the final Pay-Per-View preliminaries have concluded.

Final Verdict

UFC’s Bitcoin Bonus for Athletes is an exciting development for both the UFC and bitcoin, even if it is not likely to be permanent. It is heartening to see the UFC explore alternative ways to make their fights available, and the fact that they have chosen to add a UFC bitcoin bonus is pretty cool. With more professional athletes turning to cryptocurrency, this new UFC bitcoin bonus could boost the use of cryptocurrency by popularizing digital money and encouraging its adoption by smaller businesses.

To read more about it, visit:

Crypto Potato: https://cryptopotato.com/ufc-fighters-to-start-receiving-bonuses-in-bitcoin/

Cision PR Newswire: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ufc-and-cryptocom-team-up-to-create-new-fight-night-bonuses-for-ufc-athletes-301519763.html

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