Swiss Exchange SIX Now Have 155 Tradable Crypto ETPs

As the cryptocurrency space grows and expands, businesses and individuals are finding new ways to make cryptocurrencies more accessible. Earlier, we had reported for ErisX, a digital asset exchange that plans to offer spot trades for Bitcoin and Ethereum. We have news about the Swiss exchange SIX listing 155 tradable crypto ETPs. In an announcement, it was revealed that the Swiss exchange SIX now offers tradable cryptos ETPs. The platform is listing products, including five based on the top digital currencies by market cap — Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC).

Growth and Demand

The number of this cryptocurrency ETPs can be traced back to the number of institutional investors in the market. The exchange sees the inclusion of more crypto ETPs as an opportunity to add more revenue and market share to its business. As more investors realize that investing in digital assets is not a bad investment option, the demand for these crypto EPTs will continue increasing.

Final Word

Overall, the launch of these cryptocurrency ETPs shows that demand for exposure to the crypto universe is growing more than ever. At the same time, the ability of traders to speculate on the success or failure of various cryptocurrencies through a regulated venue is an essential step towards maturity for this asset class. Regardless, one thing is clear: investors seem highly receptive to these new instruments. We expect this trend to continue until something else comes along and steals their attention.

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