Dutton Garage Will Now Accept Crypto Payments Via CoinSpot

The cryptocurrency craze has well and truly hit Australia. In just a few short years, crypto has surged in popularity, and as a result, it is now being accepted in more places and used by more people every day. If you have gone to Dutton Garage in Melbourne, Australia, as of late, you might have noticed a new sign next to the cash register. The sign informs customers that the car shop now accepts cryptocurrencies for payment. This is not the first time Dutton Garage has embraced an emerging form of technology in an immensely customer-friendly way.

Dutton Garage and Crypto Payments

Dutton Garage has now added a new payment option for customers to pay via cryptocurrency. CoinSpot provides this new payment option, and the POS system is installed at their store location in Dutton ACT. Each outlet will have a POS system installed and ready to use, so all the customer has to do is select the crypto they wish to use and then scan their QR code as they add products to their cart. When you want to convert your cash into crypto and vice versa, you can now do it right there at Dutton Garage. They have a fast and friendly staff, so you are never stuck waiting for your payment to process—and they accept every form of charge under the sun, from credit cards to bank transfers.

Final Word

This is a pretty cool development, mainly because it is the first one of its kind in Australia. While it is not as big of a deal in the United States, where more prominent retailers began accepting bitcoin crypto payments years ago, it is still a sign that cryptocurrency is becoming easier to use even daily.

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