ETHMiami: The All-Day Crypto Event for Web3 Builders


A lot is going on in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. From developments in layer-2 scaling solutions to the latest on Ethereum 3.0 and maintaining the network’s security, there is a lot to keep track of across various teams around the world. The Ethereum community is highly collaborative and decentralized, consisting of individuals passionate about building an open, global financial system. For this reason, events that bring people together in person are vital to help foster a sense of community as we work towards our shared goals. The upcoming ETHMiami Hackathon is an excellent example of why these events are so valuable.

The ETHMiami Event

As the premier Ethereum Hackathon is held in Miami every year, there is an ETHMiami community event for web3 builders. It brings together innovators from around the globe for a full-day event dedicated entirely to building on Ethereum. The event is free to attend and open to anyone interested in decentralized technology and innovation. However, if you want to participate in the hackathon or pitch session, you need to sign up for it. The conference aims to bring together developers building applications on Ethereum and other blockchain protocols, with startups trying to recruit developers for their projects. The event features an education-focused agenda with blockchain workshops for beginners and intermediate users.

Grab the Opportunity

If you are looking to get involved in development for the Ethereum 3.0 and web3 stack or are just curious to find out what is going on, then ETHMiami is the event for you. It is an excellent opportunity to meet people within the industry and foster new partnerships, and a chance to see what innovations are being worked on within the Ethereum space.

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