DeFi’s New Mobile App: EQIFi

In personal finance, we all know that managing our money effectively is vital to our overall well-being. However, what if you could design an artificial intelligence for your finances and have it learn about your financial goals and then manage your money for you? This is essentially what DeFi has done with their new EQIFi app.

DeFi’s EQIFi: What Is It?

DeFi’s EQIFi is the first mobile app that makes it easy and secure to earn on digital assets, no matter where you are. With just a few taps, users can set up an account and start earning interest on their crypto collateral. EQIFi’s goal is to make decentralized finance (DeFi) easy and accessible for users worldwide. The DeFi’s EQIFi team has years of experience in the financial tech industry and understands how to build a product that can genuinely change people’s lives. They want to create a world where anyone can use their money to earn more rewards through EQiFi, regardless of their location or income level.

What Is So Special About DeFi’s EQIFi?

DeFi’s EQIFi does not charge any fees and is free for everyone. All you need is an Ethereum address. It is worth noting that EQIFi is also so much more than a mobile wallet — it is a full-fledged investment platform that simplifies the complex world of DeFi into a few simple steps, allowing users to earn interest on their crypto even if they do not know what DeFi means yet.

Give a Shot

Now that we have a new, easy-to-navigate app, we are expecting to see many more DeFi users on the platform. DeFi’s EQIFi has the tools and information you need to make smart borrowing and lending decisions, so give it a try—you might be a few minutes away from saving money and getting your finances in order.

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