Avalanche: Bringing DApps to the Mainstream

Blockchain technology is no longer in its infancy, and it is here to stay. With a highly visible application in cryptocurrency, blockchain has already proven its worth and potential to disrupt various industries. But like any new tech, it must overcome its steep learning curve, which could take some time. One thing that will help accelerate mainstream adoption of blockchain technology is making it easier and simpler for users to develop their decentralized applications (DApps).

Avalanche: Bringing DApps to the Mainstream

Avalanche is a new blockchain project that creates a protocol to enable people and companies to create their tokens based on an existing blockchain, such as Ethereum or NEO. The project’s goal is to create a blockchain-powered ecosystem that makes it easier for anyone to create secure tokens, which will be used in decentralized apps (DApps) created by the company. Avalanche addresses many issues¬†that are¬†currently holding blockchain technology back, such as speed, finality, and decentralization.

Avalanche Protocol Subsystems

The Avalanche protocol comprises of two distinct subsystems: the subnet for consensus and another for transactions and smart contracts. The consensus subnetwork consists of a Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus protocol built on a gossip protocol for communication. This enables hundreds of thousands of transactions per second across thousands of virtual machines on the network. The transaction subnetwork uses this gossip protocol to execute everything from basic transactions to smart contracts at scale.

What Makes Avalanche Different from Other Projects?

Highly Scalable: Avalanche achieves consensus through a novel Avalanche protocol that provides high throughput, fast finalization, and transaction finality. Unlike Bitcoin’s deterministic finality, it uses probabilistic finality as default, where trustlessness is not needed for business applications. This leads to lower latency, lower fees, and faster confirmation times.

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