Concave, A Decentralized Stakers Oriented Platform

Concave is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on Ethereum networks. Concave adds value to its users by making them available with Defi products, and active treasury management. The investors here are guaranteed to achieve higher returns. Concave has introduced multiple mechanisms that mark the uniqueness of Protocol.

Concave with its Composable Bonding Mechanism assists the market scalability by making available bonding products backed with control on supply inflation and optimizing bond issuance. The Bonding Mechanism is utilized to offer the bonds in virtual space and increase the growth of the treasury.

The Locked Staking Mechanism with the anti-dilution supports the long-term staker to earn the highest rewards. The rewards are issued in native CNV and in non-native. Concave Protocol Allows the stakers to receive the NFT depending on the stakers position on lock staking. The protocol has expanded its reach to 1,800 plus holders and has accomplished 9000 plus secured transfers.

Market Overview 

Concave users can continue trading $CNV on

Uniswap is backed with trading pairs of CNV / WETH with a price of $105.41. The trading volume is approximately $2,774,414 which is 98.20%.

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