Snoop Dogg is Releasing Cardano NFTs

Snoop Dogg will be selling Cardano NFTs

Snoop Dogg has joined the growing list of celebrities who have invested in non-fungible tokens. Johnny Depp is selling his own art, Lindsay Nolan is selling pictures of Daft Punk, and Snoop Dogg is selling unreleased music.

The rapper is utilizing the Cardano Blockchain to sell “iconic collectibles” of his unreleased music online.

Snoop Dogg Is Selling Cardano NFTs of His Unreleased Music

Snoop Dogg announced this project in a video promoting a Twitter Spaces meeting with Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson. The video of the meeting features clay versions of the two. It shows Snoop Dogg saying he’s excited about “this Web3 stuff”.

The actual meeting happened on April 5th. The project is a partnership between Snoop Dogg, Cardano, and the Cardano-based platform Clay Nation.

Clay Nation hosts some 10,000 digital characters which has already been sold out. Obviously, the rapper sees this as a goldmine of opportunity.

What’s Next After the Snoop Dogg Cardano NFTs Project?

Snoop Dogg seems invested in the technology, not just to make a quick buck. He has enough money already, of course. However, he’s shown a vested interest in NFTs and other new technologies which have populated the conversation around the metaverse.

Snoop Dogg has already invested in building his own metaverse called the Snoopverse Sandbox. He also formed a DAO. He even purchased Death Row Records specifically to facilitate the Cardano NFTs project.

The rapper has committed fully to these new technologies as evidenced by his Bored Ape Twitter Avatar. He even previously launched Apecoin themed NFTs with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa.

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