Bitone Bio, A Decentralized Blockchain, To Verify The Data Integrity.

Bitone Bio is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on the Tron network. Bitone Bio plays a key role in verifying Data integrity via its self-designed system, 2DIVS. 2DIVS allows the multiple audit notes to analyze and confirm the data integrity and reserve the obtained data in a decentralized method that is in IPFS mode.

Bitone safeguards personal information and has put forth the example of Data security at large. Bitone has now expanded its reach and maintains expertise in offline industries like the issuance of smart contracts, web-based APIs, unity 3D SDK for game industries, and NFT coin issuance.

Bitone Coin provides Electronic Voting that is a Bio Voting Contractor that safeguards the trustworthiness of online voting.

Market Overview

Bitone Holders continue trading $BIO on 

LBank, backed with a trading pair of BIO/USDT with a price of $12.48. The trading volume is approximately $10,783,859 which is 97.28%.

XT.COM, backed with trading pairs of BIO / USDT with a price of $12.47. The trading volume is approximately $275,331 which is 2.48%.

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