Blockchain Brawlers, A Play To Earn Metaverse Platform

WAX Studio’s recent initiative Blockchain Brawlers, is a blockchain-based metaverse platform that operates on the ethereum network. Blockchain Brawlers is a play to earn metaverse platform that allows the users to continue playing and earn rewards. The players here can earn BRWL Token just by preferring the stronger Brawler and selecting a ring to play the wrestling and accordingly can earn BRWL Token per match.

The players can make their chosen Brawler more stronger by providing the brawlers with brass knuckles, baseball bats or steel chairs and make yourself eligible for huge BRWL token bonuses. 

Blockchain Brawler has expanded its reach to 9 holders and successfully completed 18 secure transfers.

Market Overview 

Blockchain Brawler holder can continue trading on 

OKX, backed with trading pairs of BRWL / USDT with a price of $0.1091. The trading volume is approximately $21,025,572 which is 100.00%.

Connect with BRWL




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