Vector Finance – VTX, a Platform For Increasing Stablecoin Revenue

Vector Finance is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that continues to operate on avalanche networks. Vector Finance has successfully integrated with Platypus Finance and helps users generate increased revenue on their Stablecoins, allowing users to easily earn rewards by converting PTP to xPTP.

Vector Finance is now developing its user base and taking advantage of Platypus’ unique tokenomics to benefit a wide variety of users. Vector provides more capital efficiency to the Platypus platform. 

Vector Finance allows users to participate in PTP with the help of xPTP and can gain access to Vector Protocol Earnings + Bonus VTX Token. Vector Finance employs VTX token, which is used to promote PTP conversion, stablecoin stacking, and supplying liquidity.

VTX Release Date: 1st March 2022

Market overview of Vector Finance

Vector Finance employs the VTX token and continues the trading on TraderJoe backed the trading pairs of WAVAX / VTX with a price of $0.7922. The trading volume is approximately $3,551,638 which is 100.00% change from the day before.

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