Kitten Coin, a Safe and Investable project on BSC?

Is the blockchain-based Kitten Coin a project that stands out to be the 100% safe and investable project on Binance Smart Chain?

The holders herewith Kitten coin enjoy the rewards per transaction and add-on holding. The holders gain the passive income opportunity. The investors are supported with long-term value based on their investment.

The holders appreciate the earning module let down by Kitten Coin, and earn the reward of 3% per transaction. 


Initially, Kitten Coin will build a good network of teams, create innovative ideas, issue white papers, launch its official website and reach the goal of 1000 Telegram members.

The second phase will achieve listing on Coinmarketcap, listing on CoinGecko, launching new websites, developing donation wallets, marking an increase of 2500 holders and telegram members.

The third phase will focus on project review, white paper review. It will redesign the website and increase the number of holders to 10000.

Market Overview

Kitten Coin holds the token named KITTEN and continues trading on PancakeSwap backed the trading pair of WBNB/KITTEN with a price of $0.000000004486. The trading volume is approximately $4,571,626 which is 99.94%

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Kitten Coin Whitepaper:

Red Flags:

  • no team info visible on their website. Not knowing the team begind the project

Should I invest in Kitten Coin?

  • no. The project looks poorly spec’d right now and it’s not inspiring trust.

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