How To Mine Raptoreum – RTM on Flockpool?

Raptoreum – RTM cryptocurrency is seeing a growing interest in the last 6 months. Doing to the increasing difficulty of mining on the GPU and higher entry costs a lot of people are turning to CPU mining as a valid alternative. And yes, this is a good starting point to get your head around how mining works, it’s lots easier and the barrier of entry is lower due to the fact that almost any device has a CPU on it.

This is a step by step guide of how to start mine Raptoreum cryptocurrency:

  1. Download the Raptoreum Wallet from here (official RTM github page) and extract it
    – make sure you download the wallet corresponding to your Operating System:
    1. if you are on Windows, download the or _windows_64_setup.exe file
    2. if you are on Linux download the _ubuntu18_64.tar.gz or _ubuntu20_64.tar.gz file
    3. if you are on Mac download the _mac.tar.gz or _MAC_64.dmg file
  2. Open your RTM wallet and let it sync to date
  3. From the wallet copy the Raptoreum wallet address
  4. Go to and go to the step 3 and
    1. paste your wallet address
    2. name your worker. This can be any name you want to give it
    3. set a password to your worker.
  5. Download the mining software and extract it.
  6. Run the command you see at the WildRig Multi step on the page you opened earlier
  7. Congrats, you are mining RTM

Let us know what steps do you have issues with.

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