0xDAO, a Fantom protocol

The 0xDAO protocol is developed to present community-focused options with a coalition of experienced and qualified developers with long-term objectives. 0xDAO aims to allocate fully decentralized infrastructure to maximize profits, increase capital efficiency and introduce voting power.

0xDAO is introduced to upgrade previously installed protocols on Fantom by creating the free marketplace and is striving to increase liquidity.

The great founders, establishing one of the most successful projects on Fantom, are once again stuck in their earlier launch of 0xDAO, the introduction of 0xDAO will make a big difference in capturing long-term value for the entire Fantom ecosystem.

OXD’s action as a liquid proxy vote for the SolidSwap protocol adopted by Andrea Cronje will help 0xDAO reach the top 20 and achieve NFT with voting power. This allows holders to share and then vote on how to enter the voting power.

How to stake OXD?

  1. Buy/swap OXD from an exchange. Most popular for OXD is SpookySwap Finance.
  2. Connect your wallet on the oxdao website.
  3. Stake any cryptocurrency pair you want, most popular at the moment is OXD-USDC for an APR of ~1037%.
  4. Hope it grows and enjoy profits 🙂

Reach out to 0xDAO community

Twitter Account

Medium: https://medium.com/@0xdao

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/0xdao

Website: https://www.oxdao.fi/

Github: https://github.com/0xDAO-Protocol

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