VeDAO ranks among the top 13 protocols in the Fantom Network – WEVE Token

Fantom-based VeDAO serves one purpose, VeDAO seeks to find a place in the top 20 projects organized on fantom that can be done by capturing sufficient TVL and increasing the number of assets. veDAO currently has a total value of 200 million dollars in total value locked in less than a day, 

veDAO is one of the NFTs and the way to get any future rewards, veDAO has recently launched a token called $ WEVE, with the help of these initiatives veDAO allows its users to farm by betting assets as well as providing liquidity on our farm property or the WEVE MIM pair.

VeDAO allows its users to accumulate assets, boast on our TVL, and help them in earning WEVE. Given to DAO, ERC20 helps users gain administrative rights over ve (3,3) NFT positions.

The project has no seed, private sale, pre-farm, or other internal transaction.

Next, the information token DAO will be given 10% of the total token supply. Also, 5% will be given to veDAO and multi-sig, this will maintain a rapid protocol growth and development.

Price data VeDAO

According to the coinmarketcap, the current price of VeDAO is at $0.04309, accompanied by a price change of -18.79%. The level around 0.04 seems to be a support zone for the token. This support level got broken twice in January but came back fast above it.

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