Iinjaz Token, the future for falcons

IINJAZ’s initiative aims to create a bright future for falconry people, Iinjaz added its existence to the ERC-20 protocol to create smart real estate assets that motivate people to invest.

Iinjaz adds its expertise in purchasing and treating sick and injured wild falcons. Perfect treatments are given to Falcons by the oldest commercial Falconers, 

who served as the first falcon production center in the Arab world.

Iinjaz was successfully promoted and made its presence on sites like:

  • Live coin watch
  • CoinSniper.net
  • Nomics
  • Coin alpha 
  • Coin scope
  • Coin ranking
  • Neironix

Live price data from coinmarketcap

The live price data from CoinMarketCap, The current price of Iinjaz is $0.1864, with a price change of  $0.001171which is 0.63%, with a trading volume of $8,675,326.51. In the last 24 hours, the Iinjaz had 24hr lows and 24hr highs of $0.1852 /$0.1865 respectively. Also, the CoinMarketCap ranking of is Iinjaz is #2894. 


Iinjaz states its initiative by creating its website later on to add the large user base it maintained its presence on social media platforms like creating a telegram group, developing an Instagram page, creating a Twitter page,  add on to it, Iinjaz has successfully launched its app names as IINJAZ Falcons App and is listed XT.COM.

Iinjaz is aiming to launch on the Metaverse platform, moreover, Iinjaz aims to expand its activities by opening Falcon Center Clinics, as well as trying to get listed on new exchanges and start its exchanges.

Iinjaz aims to create IINJAZ crypto charts and more activities will be organized by Iinjaz.

Iinjaz Project Audit

Negatives of the Iinjaz project:

just to metion these points are suggestions which can help the team and project improve and create a higher and more trusted visibility

  • Team page section is hidden under the Roadmap page. Also Dev Ali is mentioned on another page but not present in the team. Team members could have some links to linkedIn page so people what experience and who is developing the project.
  • their copyright at the bottom of the website is still showing 2021 year. This looks sloppy.
  • not a lot of attention paid to the website. Overall it looks like poorly designed.
  • token allocation chart is not very clear understandable. It can be confusing how they spend the money.
  • it is not clearly stated where they want to open the Falconry Center, in which city.
  • the company mentioned at the bottom of the page is registered in St. Vincent & Grenadines island (near South America) and the company is not found on Google as registered. Maybe here the team can post a link to the St. Vincent & Grenadines company registry.

Positive things:

  • they seem pretty advanced in their roadmap.
  • good number of followers on FB, Instagram, Twitter and high number of views of the project on Youtube.

Connect with Iinjaz:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Iinjaz-Token/100070693043985/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iinjaz_token

Telegram: https://t.me/iinjaz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iinjaz_token/?utm_medium=copy_link

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