Betswap.GG, the best descentralised betting exchange

Betswap is a decentralized betting exchange supported by Ethereum Layer 2 Polygon. Betswap allows users to continue betting, the bettors here need to choose their favorite game to bet on the match and finally connect a crypto wallet. The bettors can enjoy their betting as long as they can with 24/7 access, to start the betting the bettors need to have a MetaMask wallet with some crypto and the bettors are free to place bets.

Betswap media coverage:

The Betswap has made its appearance on different big media sites such as:

  • Forbes
  • Bitcoin insider
  • Cryptodaily
  • Newsbtc.COM
  • Yahoo Finance

This would for sure track a lot of investors and hopefully will increase its influence in the decentralized betting world.

Price intro for the BSGG cryptocurrency

Current price: $0.04519

24hr trading volume: $112,585, down 57.48% from yesterday’s trading volume. This can signify that the selling is closing to an end.

Audit company: Certik with an audit score of 86.

Coinmarketcap rank: #4262

Currently on 2,776 watchlists.


The beginning of the year that is from January to March will signify the IEO/IDO sale.

From April to June the Betswap will signify the development of multichain in SOLANA.

From 1 July to 30 September, the DAO proposal will be given importance which will help to add votes on the new stacking, in addition, Betswap will bring a new concept, which is called Social Betting with Play 2 Earn.

Between October 1 and December 31, the existence of new games with creativity and fantasy gaming concepts will be commented on.

Should you HODL BSGG?

For sure betting is a market yet to get explored in the crypto world. And peer betting will be more trusted compared to centralized classical styles of betting.

Our conclusion is that this is a busy year in the sports industry with lots of global events happening. This coin might shine when this year events will start like football, NFL, esports, and Fifa 2022.

But until then, we need to see if it can get a little momentum behind it and if it can increase in popularity.

Comment lower with your opinion. Do you own BSGG? Do you want to buy BSGG? Do you have inside info and want others to find out?

Let others know.

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