Gacube, a blockchain-based metaverse game

Gacube is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency with a large collection of high-quality games that help its players enjoy popular games and make them comfortable by guaranteeing game stability with fast performance.

The recently launched cryptocurrency Gacube is striving to increase scalability following the initiative of unifying the gameFi + NFT + metaverse to create a dispersed, decentralized, and rapidly developing blockchain game integration platform for players. 

In addition, players with Gamecube can enjoy playing with action NFT games that allow players to create gaming experiences such as creating the kingdom and hero’s farming structure, fishing, hero upgrades, and creating the fighting monsters. In addition, players can get a lot of gaming NFT assets and GAC during gaming.

Current price data

Direct price data compiled from CoinMarketCap, The current price of Gacube is $0.1258, with a price change in 24hr of $-0.01111 which is  8.11%, with a 24hr trading volume of $16,726,524.53. In the last 24 hours, the Gacube had lows and highs of $0.1128 /$0.1443 respectively. Also, the CoinMarketCap ranking of  Gacube is #2857.

Future roadmap

2022 Q1

The first 3 months, from January 1 to March 31, serve to expand its feature and the number of high-quality games based on blockchain as well as to enlarge the empire of  Gacube in the entire world.

2022 Q2

The next 3 months from April 2 to June 30 are the time to strengthen the player base with the development of Gacube to sustain virtual reality.

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