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The latest launch hosted by Binance blockchain added a large user base. The platform allows its users to earn money by approving the concept of monetization such as content creation and apps. Metamars is a platform where the users are allowed to buy the lands and the stores to make the best deal out of it.

Binance blockchain’s initiative has added a cause for a virtual reality platform that allows available land to be permanently sold to community owners in the MetaMars world and gives them full control over their assets.

The blockchain-based Metamars system allows its users to purchase land where they can rent, build all kinds of shops to earn money. The purchased land serves as a real investment for its owner so that they can make wealth out of it and increase their property.

Metamars Roadmap

Initiatives as of 2022 Q1

The period from January 1 to March 31, will aim Metamars to set up its existence to the world, Metamars now will establish its presence on their site, furtherly the Metamars will aim in integrating the blockchain network in Metamars, the best part comes with the creation of a Metamars token. The cryptocurrency with the help of PancakeSwap will be creating the liquid pool. Additionally, Metamars will reach out to the world by building and maintaining its presence on social media. Also, Metamars will be listed on the applications like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

2022 Q2 Initiative

From April 1 to  June 30, the wallet linking section on the website will gain momentum and be set for further development. Metamars will further aim to launch its new asset known as plots that need to be sold. Additionally, the Metamars will achieve its second goal by keeping startup lands for sale, as well as striving in opening the stores of buildings to be built on lands.

2022 Q3 Initiative

The period from July 1 to September 30 will add importance in expanding the designs based on the concept of 3D lands, also it will aim to integrate the integration of land clearing systems.

2022 Q4 Initiative

The period from 1 October to 31 December will feature free sales of the Metamars virtual reality platform to game providers and on the websites. The Metamars will aim to build the $METAM exchange listings.

2023 Q1 initiatives

The new years initiative will start with add-on free sales of the Metamars virtual reality platform to game providers and on the websites.

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