Where to check if your Helium miner got banned?

Helium started today banning users that are cheating with their mining equipment. There are a lot of users that are messing up with their setup, using amplifiers, or setting wrong locations to their Helium miner.

A major part of the community is happy that the Helium team is doing this as the cheaters were taking money off them.

Here’s an unofficial list of miners that went red (offline) and are probably cheaters. You can join the gist and comment if you suspect any close Helium miner might be cheating.


Did my Helium miner got banned?

Check if your miner is online or got banned on this website, suspots.com, specially created by the community.

Join the community talk on this on the dedicated Reddit thread.

Some people are reporting that a big part of these miners are appearing to be from China.

This miner for example was reported by a user and did in the last day 4.767 HNT, equivalent of ~$163.27 in just 24 hours.

Following the ban, we would expect the supply of miners to increase and also the HNT cryptocurrency price to increase as there would be less selling of HNT.

The current price of HNT is $32.43, a price around which seems to be a support level.

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