Tomb finance: The first algorithmic stable coin to operate on Fantom Opera

TOMB Algorithmic Token is a large initiative that strives to support ecosystems aimed at bringing liquidity and updating the Opera Network with some usage cases.

Tomb algorithm stands to be an early stable coin running on Fantom Opera, priced pegged at 1 FTM.

The built-in mechanism of the protocol is intended to negotiate the supply of $TOMB, its main function being to push its price up or down relative to the price of $FTM.

Tomb. finance offers its users its 3 token modules that are

  • Tomb ($ TOMB). 
  • Tomb Shares ($ SHARE)
  • Tomb Bonds ($ TBOND).

Tomb.Finance aims to align FTM’s value proposition to sustain additional growth as well as gain additional value from it.

What is Fantom Opera, FTM token?

Fantom Opera aims to be a decentralized, fast and secure environment for building applications on blockchain technology. There are many other similar projects but this aims to improve on speed, security, and improve the existing similar concepts.

It is fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and supports smart contracts through Ethereums language Solidity. They state seamless dApps transition from Ethereum to their network.

With so many projects developed on the Ethereum network, taking only 10% of the Ethereum dApps would mean an increase of 37B to their market cap, this skyrocketing their token price to ~$16.86, a 7.26X from their current price of $2.32.

Live price data on TOMB cryptocurrency

The live price data revealed from CoinMarketCap signifies the current share price of  Tomb is $2.28, within 24hour it holds a price change of  $-0.04253 which is a decrease of 1.83%, with a trading volume of $11,726,144.84  that represents a decrease of 26.72% from previous days. In the last 24 hours, the Tomb had 24hr lows and 24hr highs of $2.17 /$2.35 respectively.

The CoinMarketCap ranking of  Tomb #2874, currently has a downward trend in the coins list (previous days was at #2830).

Currently on 7,684 watchlists on CoinMarketCap.

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