VESQ – A Reserve Currency Backed by Assets – VSQ Token

The recently launched cryptocurrency VESQ is a decentralized reserve currency protocol. The VESQ was coined by Zackary Gates and Syed Habib. This cryptocurrency is now open on a polygon network (MATIC) based primarily on VSQ tokens.

To add an inherent value that the token cannot be dropped, each VSQ token is thereby supported by a VESQ treasury asset basket. Additionally, the support of staking and bonding allows the VESQ to offer the market its unique financial and game-theoretical dynamics.

VESQ’s initiative is to launch a policy-controlled currency system. With the help of this policy-controlled currency system, DAO can easily control the behavior of VSQ tokens. The purpose behind inventing the system is to adapt the system to develop and level up further wealth.
The partakers can use the staking and bonding to add their presence.


According to live data collected from CoinMarketCap, The current price of VESQ is approximately $117.28, backed by a price change of $-26.97 which is 18.69%. And held a trading volume of $7,415,599.10 that is 28.62%. In the last 24 hours, VESQ had 24h Lows and 24h Highs of $120.53 /$155.66 respectively. Furthermore, the VESQ’s ranking is #2881.


1. Stake

The VESQ allows its users to level up the wealth by offering the tools, here the VESQ introduces its first tool stake. The staking stands to be the primary value accrual strategy of VESQ. This tool helps the Stakers to stake their VSQ to earn rebase rewards.

2. Bonding

The next tool offered by the VESQ is bonding, The bonding stands to be the secondary value accrual strategy of VESQ. Bonds act as a cross between the stable outcome product, upcoming contract, and an option. make your Purchase Bonds.

3. Borrow

The third tool offered by VESQ allows traders to increase their assets by taking the necessary loans to increase the number of VSQ tokens. And repay the loan to VESQ as required.

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