What you need to know about Cryptowolf Finance

An NFT game named Cryptowolf Finance is aiming to provide its user with a virtual gaming platform assisting the users to choose a wolf pack as per the availability. The users must select a group of wolves that will help the user to continue the trade and also the users can multiply them and for further benefit, the users can send the wolf to chase other animals and get a reward out of every successful hunt. 

Cryptowolf Finance stands to be unique from all other gaming, it allows its users to monetize the game by selecting the unique method. Here the users can earn $CWOLF after every successful hunt with a well-balanced and perfect economy and maintain the game to be well stable over time.

$CWOLF Price Live Data

As per the live data collected from CoinMarketCap, The current price of Cryptowolf Finance is approximately $11.62 at the moment of writing the article, with a price change of $1.39 that is 13.60%.. backed by a trading volume of $24,786,564.59 that is 24.03%. In the last 24 hours, Cryptowolf finance has had lows and highs of $8.43 /$13.02 respectively. Also, the CoinMarketCap ranking is #2815.

Team Introduction

  • Jose Marquez – founder and CEO
  • Miguel Angel Almela – CMO
  • Nicolás Marín – Developer
  • Juan Luis González – Blockchain Expert
  • Victor Mateo Buitrago – Tokenomics Expert
  • Alexander Valladares – Customer Support.


Initiatives in Q4 2021

From October 1 to December 31, 2021, Cryptowolf Finance initiated a Token launch. The launch furtherly extended with its first version of the game with the game leader wolves, materials, and pack creation. It also discovered the concept of wolves hunting.

Initiatives in Q1 2022

The period from January 1 to March 31 will claim advance marketing part by just allotting its users the box of potions and accessories and assist to claim bonus

Here in this period, Cryptowolf Finance comes with the rare wolves concept, according to this concept the rare wolves will appear year-round, giving the users the extra attack power and rewards. For example, the Christmas wolf will appear in a specific period with extra power and help the users to gain rewards.

Also, the game will come with the new concept of integration of the real moon phase and come with new animals to hunt.

Initiatives in Q2 2022

From 1 April to June 30, a new system called Multi Ranch System came into existence to increase the success rate, allowing users to hunt multiple animals using multiple packs for a single animal. The introduction of the PVP system for the users using the packs for internal bets.

Also, it will come with additional breeds. The tournaments of esports will be available in their streaming system and rewards.

It adds great access for mobile users to enjoy the game on iOS & Android application 

Initiatives in Q3 2022

The goal for the period from 1 July to 31 September is that users can access our currency, through the land system, allowing users to reap the benefits of user-based hunting. Cryptowolf Finance will now launch its 3D world fist beta in the 3rd annual quarter


Medium: https://medium.com/@cryptowolfgame


Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/hEA4Vj5W7Ag5YjFk

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/vbSzw4gAwR

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cryptowolfgame/

Where to buy CWOLF?

You and Cryptowolf Finance

What’s your take on this coin? Have you invested in it?

Do you think it will catch on and go to the moon? Should people still HODL or sell?

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