AAG Token Launch Auction held on Copper Launch Platform

The Achip & Achair Guild, AAG has recently launched an initiative named AAG Token Launch Auction on 12th December 2021.

The launch initiated the support of many audiences who registered for the AAG Token Launch and continued their buying activities. Countries like India, Indonesia, Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, and Nigeria added their presence in Launch. 

In the era of one-click access, It will not take long for you to register for the $ AAG Token Launch Auction (TLA) recently held on the Copper Launch Platform. The AAG Token launch auction was decided to be held on December 12, 2021, and will continue for 3 days.

AAG Token Launch Details

  1. Inauguration date and time

The launch started at noon UTC on 12 December 2021 and will end on 15 December 2021 at UTC noontime.

  1. $AAG Token initial pricing 

The starting price of the AAG token is expected to be $4.14, which will accommodate the price change depending on the buying behavior. Here on the copper launch platform, the Purchase rates and price rates show direct variation.

At the moment of the article, the price already dropped dramatically and it’s at $0.4142, which shows a not very optimistic market for this token. Nevertheless, in this down market maybe it’s an opportunity for the ones that actually believe in this cryptocurrency to buy more at a way cheaper price.

All you need to know is the happenings of the AAG Token Launch Auction  

To get enrolled in the AAG Token Launch, the audience was required to have a WalletConnect, Ledger, etc. wallet that is specifically supported with ERC20’s network.

In order to keep buying activity continuing the audience need to make the payments with the help of USDC, ETH, DAI to purchase the AAG Token. 

Connect with AAG Project

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aag_ventures/

Medium: https://blog.aag.ventures/

Telegram: https://t.me/aagventures/

Website: https://aag.ventures/

Litepaper: https://litepaper.aag.ventures/

Final words

Although it’s under what the team initially expected, the token raised a considerable amount of money for their launch. At this moment they raised 11.39M, which is close and will probably surpass the previous funding round, of $12.5M.

Their team looks very strong, with a presence in 17 countries, a team of 15 full-time members, and a total of 45 collaborators their project looks solid. Now it’s all up to the team to make the most of their funds, hold to their strategy, improve and deliver what they promised.

People proved they trust them.

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