Will SafeMoon be listed on eToro?

In a tweet made by the eToro CEO, Yoni Assia, an interesting thread was started when a follower asked Yoni when will SafeMoon token be added to eToro.

Aparently he’s doing very well with his investment portfolio, from which he states a significant part is due to Crypto investing.

As a reply to the follower question, he asked what SafeMoon is, to which a lot of people started replying and trying to convince that SafeMoon is an established token that won lots of awards and has a fast-growing community. To which Yoni Assia replied the following. What I can tell is that this sparked interest in him. This is definitely a big step for SafeMoon and the path to become mainstream got clearer.

His reply also seems like advice to keep #HODLing.

Is this enough to spark interest from one of the easiest to use and most popular crypto trading platforms?

We will see. What other cryptocurrencies would you want to be listed on eToro in the future?

Currently, SafeMoon trades for $0.000 002 249, 4 times lower compared to the all-time high value from April-May 2021 when it was trading at around $0.000 011 The good news is that it’s holding above the most recent low of $0.000 001 144.

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