Raptoreum (RTM – $0.045), this new Bitcoin of AMD CPU’s

Raptoreum is mined on the CPU and if its adoption will increase it may lead to a shortage of (mostly) AMD cpu’s. It is using the GhostRider algorithm, that takes advantage of a large cache cpu’s.

Website: Raptoreujm website

Market Cap Info: Raptoreum Market Cap

Reddit Raptoreum Reddit

Twitter: Raptoreum Team Twitter

Discord: Raptoreum Discord Invite (>11K members, 3.6 online at this moment)

Exchanges you can trade Raptoreum

They have already been added to 8 exchanges, and Binance did actually start following them on Twitter a couple of months ago, which it may suggest they are in talks of being added to the largest crypto exchange, which can make its impact quite quickly on the price. Everyone is still waiting for the official announcement.

On the negative side, their Roadmap doesn’t seem to have lots of updates upcoming. Nevertheless, hopefully, they increase the team after the ICO and deliver Smart Contracts which will be a big win and continue to add new milestones on the roadmap.

How to mine Raptoreum:

  1. Get the Raptoreum wallet
  2. Download the CPU miner
  3. Configure the wallet and wait for it to sync (this may take >12h)
  4. Choose a pool (FlockPool appears to be most popular with Raptoreum) Flockpool Mining Guide
  5. Edit config.json and start the miner

I myself tried mining it for a couple of days (~5 days) on an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920x and this is how it went.

Is it good or bad? It’s up to you to judge.

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