Crypto in November 2021

We can see that this month of November wasn’t the best for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins but let’s be honest, crypto is holding really good near the all-time high. We can consider this betting a pullback to scare the bears.
Nevertheless, Bitcoin price 1 year ago was near 18K, now it’s holding above 50K, so pretty impressive
Do I recommend buying now? Will it continue to grow from here? Probably, but I wouldn’t go all-in right now. I would try to accumulate a bit at fixed intervals and see what happens. If it goes up, then I don’t miss the growth, if it goes down I can accumulate more at a discount.

One coin with a solid product worth mentioning, Elrond. From 8.9 USD 1 year ago, now holding above 400 USD. They just recently launched (mid-November) the Maiar Exchange, with it”s own token MEX, and a few days ago holoride.

Will cover more on this in their own articles.

Exciting times will come!

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